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BB Company DOO is a production and trading company, founded in 1998, based in Zrenjanin. In March 2008, a craft facility for the production of milk and dairy products began operating. We have developed our own system of purchasing and purchasing raw milk. Special emphasis is placed on the production of cheeses and sour-milk drinks of high and uniform quality. The production capacity is 10,000 liters of milk per day.

The facility for milk production and processing is located in Ečka near Zrenjanin. Given the long-standing craft tradition of this area, BB Company has very easily come up with authentic products of recognizable taste. A wide range of dairy products called Belkino has found its way to its customers in a short time, thanks to clearly defined principles of quality and safe product. The basis of success should be sought in tradition, from which love and inspiration are drawn, as well as in the application of modern technology, which ensures a high degree of quality.

Proizvodi za prerađivače

The cottage cheese 20kg

The cottage cheese is mild and refreshing
For restaurants and bakeries there is a suitable package of PP bucket 20kg.

Bar codeUOM%mmTransp.packageExpiry dateStorage temp.
8606104206915kg10112 days0-8 °C
Bar code8606104206915
Expiry date12 days
Storage temp.0-8 °C

Frozen butter in a 5kg block

Butter with 82% mm in dry matter is made from sour, pasteurized sour cream and is a very good food additive for enhancing nutrition and improving taste.

Bar codeUOM%mmTransp.packageExpiry dateStorage temp.
8606104206939kg82≈10180 days <-15 °C
Bar code8606104206939
Expiry date180 days
Storage temp. -15 °C


BB Company DOO
Address: Unirea 2, 23203 Ečka

PIB: 100652615

Statistic number: 08666610


PJ Production

Address: Beogradski put bb, 23203 Ečka

Sales sector: bb.ivanaboj@gmail.com
Procurement sector: zoranjelicbb@gmail.com
Phone / fax: 064/824 8136

Bank account: 260-0126010017669-08, NLB LHB Bank

PIB: 100652615

Statistic number: 08666610


Office: Žarka Zrenjanina 135 v, 23000 Zrenjanin

Phone / fax:

+381 (0)23 526 591
+381 (0)23 526 592

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